April 28th , 2015

We launched a brand (The Promise∞Line®) that’s main purpose was to encourage people to set goals and pursue them. Our apparel line’s purpose is to keep the goals that you set for yourself in front of you. It is a reminder of a PROMISE that you made to yourself. My passion has to do with […]


October 29th , 2014

Why do people wish others good luck when they compete?  I get it if someone is heading to Vegas and you wish them good luck.  But shouldn’t competition be based on preparation, hard work and skill?  I’m pretty sure that my training partner and business partner Chase Reynolds didn’t make it to the NFL by […]


September 19th , 2014

What if there was no one around to tell you that you could not achieve your goals?  Instead you only received encouragement to pursue your dreams?  Think about it as a kid were you ever told that you couldn’t be a professional athlete or even a college athlete.  Or you couldn’t be a doctor or […]