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As a child growing up in a town of only 300 people, options are limited, sports are limited, and so are DREAMS. Or at least that is what I was told growing up. But I believed big and was bound to write my own story. I’m CHASE REYNOLDS, my goal and duty as a professional athlete and as someone who has been told my whole life that my dream wasn’t possible, is to inspire and motivate people the best way I know how…leading by example. I went from playing 8-man football, to a college I thought was out of reach, to playing in back to back national championships, to finally making a NFL roster. It takes perseverance, but I am here to tell you that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, IF YOU CAN MAKE THE PROMISE.


In high school, I played 8-man football because we didn’t have enough players to field a whole team. Although we were very dominant, it didn’t seem to matter much, because class C schools (8-MAN FOOTBALL) were often looked upon as the last kids picked at recess. Three state championships later and a Montana prep career rushing record, I knew it was time to think about life after high school football. Or so I thought. My senior year in high school, I welcomed my son Talen Chase Reynolds into the world. Having a son and a family made me realize that life wasn’t just about me anymore and that I had responsibilities beyond myself. This led me to marry the girl of my dreams and begin raising our son.

During this time, a few schools contacted me about the possibility of playing college ball. I remember people telling me that I should play for a small college because then I could possibly get some playing time in the first couple of years. With so many people telling me the same thing, I started to buy into the “fact” that I was only good enough for a smaller school. That was until one day when my father looked at me and said, “How are you ever going to know you weren’t good enough if you don’t try?" From that point on, I looked at life a little different. I decided that I would rather accept that I gave it everything I had and not make it, then look back and have regrets of never trying. For that reason, I accepted half an offer from the University of Montana, a Division 1 AA FCS school, instead of a full offer to a smaller division school. I decided it was worth it since Montana doesn’t have a professional football team and the Grizzlies are the next best thing. At the University of Montana, I was told that if I worked hard and kept my nose clean, I could get some playing time by my senior year. After two years of grinding, a switch to wide receiver, and then back to running back, I became the starting running back. Once again, I overcame what others said I couldn’t do and I held the starting job for three years exceeding all expectations. Having had a blessed career at the University of Montana, I finished with multiple records, thanks to many of my teammates. The one thing that always remained consistent is that I NEVER GAVE UP.

Throughout my life I have had to overcome a lot of adversity. Many times I was told that I wasn’t good enough. I read many negative blogs about me, my life, and how I wasn’t the answer, but that only fueled my fire. I was told I wasn’t good enough for an AA school and then again, when it was time to go to the NFL, I heard the same things that I had heard in the past. But yet, I had a goal and a belief that out measured all those who didn’t believe I could make it. My first year was the hardest when I was cut from practice squad multiple times. From one cut to the next, I never knew if the next time just might be my last. I didn’t let that stop me though and continued to give my best, keeping my dream in sight. When I was going into my third year, I met ERIC EISENBERG, former runner up in Bill Phillip’s Body For Life Challenge and Bill’s Transformation Challenge. (As far as we know he is the only person to have placed in both of Bills challenges). He had accomplished a goal at 46 years old that many think impossible for themselves. He changed his entire lifestyle because of the promise that he made to himself. When he started out he meant only to change his body but instead changed his life. We began training together at a high intensity level and literally pushed ourselves past failure. It was as if we removed our limits. The hard work reminded us of what it took to reach what brought us to that point. We constantly talked about how great it was to have someone pushing us towards your goals. My goal was to make an NFL roster and his was to keep his new found lifestyle going strong and taking on challenges to make life more fulfilling.

In 2013 my dream came true. That commitment to our goals and pushing ourselves past failure is why Eric and I have built the foundation for THE PROMISE∞LINE®. We believe that our accomplishments, in two separate areas, give us an opportunity to identify with different types of people trying to reach their goals. Our goal is to encourage others to pursue their own goals and create opportunities where others may not see them. Our hope is that one of our sayings can inspire others to turn their dreams into reality. We want others to look at themselves and realize that they are stronger than they could ever imagine. We want others to know they are destined for great things if they just make up their mind to fulfill their goals.

Because I pushed past what others said I couldn’t do and strived to overcome adversity, I played in my first NFL game and ended the season with flying colors. But this isn’t the end, I will continue striving to never be satisfied and improve upon my goals in 2014. I am living proof that even when the world thinks you can’t, all you have to do is promise you can! If you can learn how to control your mind than you can accomplish anything!